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Sorting Stones

Explore color, shape and pattern! Each durable stone measures 1 1⁄2" and has a colorful bug character engraved on one side. S...

Number Pebbles

Number Bonds to 10 Ideal for introducing number concepts, sorting and developing early counting skills. Cast from a unique st...


Develop a nimble mind by computing basic multiplication facts or by breaking products down into factors and possibly prime fa...

Studies in Symmetry

This 48 activity lab helps students develop a strong sense of line, point, and rotational symmetry using pattern blocks. Thes...

Where's Wilma?

Graphing in the Four Quadrants. Wilma outdoes Wilson! She finds places to hide in all four quadrants. Players match her myste...

Where's Wilson?

Graphing in the First Quadrant. Wilson takes pleasure hiding in various locations in the first quadrant. Players match hidin...

Clock Wise

Clock Wise provides playful practice in telling time to five-minute intervals. Players match an analog clock with the time it...

More Domino Math

Revised and expanded to offer 66 brain-tickling addition, multiplication, and division investigations, a follow-up to Domino ...

Domino Math

Improved and expanded with an additional 29 pages, these carefully constructed activities, teach students to count, add, subt...

Fraction Dominoes

Enliven the day with Fraction Dominoes! This popular game is now enriched with new content to make it even more powerful! Six...

Digit Detective

Strengthen place value understanding with these three fast-moving games! Adapt to learner needs by choosing among three level...

Handheld Calculator

8 digit LCD display with large 9mm digits. Features silver housing, non-slip rubber keys and a soft grip surround. Other func...